Carsil, Silymarin Administration!

Adverse reactions

Carsil package 22.5 mg tablet<

No adverse reactions of Carsil requiring discontinuation of the therapy have been observed: either with a short-term high dosage, or in a long-lasting therapy.

A week laxative effect (diuretic respectively) was observed in some cases, which was not undesired. Sometimes vestibular disorders occur after Carsil therapy, however they subside with the discontinuation of the drug.


Hypersensitivity to Silymarin.

Administration and Posology

Adults: As a prophylactic: 2-3 tablets daily.In light and moderately severe cases 1-2 tablets three times daily. In severe forms of illness 2-3 tablets three times daily. Usually, 1-2 tablets are orally administered to adults 3 times daily. The daily dose may be doubled in case of severely impaired liver function. The course of therapy should be no less than three months and 70-100 mg daily prescribed for prevention.

Children: The daily dose is 5 mg/kg body mass, divided in 2-3 intakes


35 mg tablets in packs of 80.


At a moderate temperature 60-86°F (15-30°C).

Expiry term

Two (2) years.

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