Carsil Silymarin Mechanism of Action!

Carsil (Silymarin) hard capsules 30 x 90 mg

The anti-hepatotoxic effect of Silymarin is associated with the competitive interaction with the receptors of the relevant toxins in the hepatocyte membrane, and with a more general action of protective nature (Vogel 1975).

So, the hepatoprotective action of Carsil® (with Silymarin as generic name) is manifested by a consolidation of the membranes and the functions of the cell structures. Thus, a specific protective and curative effect on the liver protective function in this way.

The biflavonoids are assumed to possess a vitamin-C-sparing effect. They have an anti-inflammatory action and improve the synthesis of proteins and glycoproteins, as well as the peroxidation of lipids in the liver. Clinically, the above effects are translated into improved signs and symptoms, and lowered values of the transaminases, g-globulines and blood bilirubin.

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